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What is an inverter?

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What is an inverter?

Inverter is a power conversion device that uses semiconductors.

A device that converts direct current to alternating current is called DC-AC inverter.

Generally, a circuit that converts a specified frequency and voltage by combining an AC-DC converter and a DC-AC inverter is called an inverter circuit (inverter).

A wide range of rotational speeds is achieved through efficient drive and smooth rotation.

Since the output voltage and output frequency can be controlled arbitrarily, it is widely used to control the speed of AC motors and brushless motors. Inverter control realizes low power consumption and high efficiency driving.

As an important part of photovoltaic power generation, the photovoltaic inverter is mainly used to convert the direct current generated by photovoltaic modules into alternating current. The inverter not only has the function of DC-AC conversion, but also has the function of maximizing the performance of solar cells and the function of system fault protection.

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