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Inverter Product performance description

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Inverter Product performance description

Product performance description:

1、High integration: ALL IN ONE integrated inverter, mains ultra-fast charging, parallel machine, DC charging function, DC output;

2、Smart charging: DC charging port adapt to car charging and photovoltaic charging, and combine with mains fast charging to output charging power reasonably;

3、Load self-adaptation: intelligently identify large impact loads and large resistive loads exceeding the rated power, and switch to constant power output;

4、Grid frequency self-adaptation: the inverter output voltage adapt to the grid 50Hz or 60Hz, output 50/60Hz;

5、Parallel function: The parallel ports of two machines used in parallel or in series, and the total output power reach 7200W;

6、Super fast charging: using EV input, the AC charging power reach 3400W charging;

7、UPS: The mains and battery switching time is less than 10ms, adapt to IT-type power loads;

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