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Hybrid Solar 1kw Pure Sine Wave Inverter Output with MPPT

hybrid solar inverter 1kw 1.2kw 3kw 5kw off grid pure sine wave output with mppt
  • 1000W-110V Parallel



Product Description

Two phase inverter series power supply is widely used in high-end portable mobile power supply or home energy storage system because of its bidirectional charging and discharging function. The bidirectional inverter series power supply is equipped with a complete control strategy, which can comprehensively manage the energy of the mains/battery/load, and perform automatic conversion of AC and DC. In the absence of a grid, it can directly supply power to the AC load. In the case of a grid, the grid directly supplies the AC load, and at the same time charges the battery with high rate (up to 1C) energy storage and supplementary power. It is a real charging and discharging machine. The bidirectional inverter series power supply mainly includes the following units: battery buck-boost unit (isolated bidirectional DC/DC), DC/AC inverter unit, and mains inverter switching unit. In addition, there are main control unit, battery auxiliary power supply, mains auxiliary power supply, drive module, MPPT module, etc.

Suitable for high power charging and discharging PPS and HESS.

Inverter with MPPT


(1) IEC62477-1:2012 Safety requirements for power electronic converter systems and equipment;

(2) GB/T 2423.3: Environmental testing for electrical and electronic products;

(3) GB/T2423.4: Basic environmental test procedures for electrical and electronic products;

(4) UL62368/IEC62368 safety regulations

Inverted output

Rated output voltage

Rated output power

Rated output frequency

Output voltage fluctuation range





Mains input

Input voltage range

Rated input power

Rated output frequency

Mains charging power




700W MAX

Photovoltaic input

Working voltage range

Maximum input current

Maximum output power




Battery input

Rated input voltage



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