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HAISOT Brings New Inverter Products to WBE2023

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HAISOT Brings New Inverter Products to WBE2023

On August 8, the 8th WBE2023 World Battery Industry Expo and Asia-Pacific Battery Exhibition/Asia-Pacific Energy Storage Exhibition was grandly opened in Area A of the Guangzhou Canton Fair Complex! As one of the exhibitors, HAISOT presented a full line of two phase hybrid inverters 300W~3600W with 400W-1300W MPPT, household optical storage and charging solutions, etc.


WBE World Battery Industry Expo and Asia Pacific Battery Exhibition/Asia Pacific Energy Storage Exhibition is committed to promoting global market trade and industrial chain procurement supply and demand. It has developed into a professional exhibition with the largest number of participating battery companies (including battery cells and pack companies) in the industry, and the highest participation of professional visitors and foreign buyers in applications such as power, energy storage, 3C electronics, and smart devices. And with its large number of foreign buyers and end-user buyers, it has been unanimously rated as the "Canton Fair" of the battery energy storage industry by the industry! According to official reports, on the first day of the exhibition, more than 55,000 people visited the venue, and the number of visitors is expected to reach 100,000!



Experience and configuration

① Mains fast charging: With the popularization of lithium iron from last year to this year, and the shift of mainstream power from 300-1000w to 1200-3600w, the experience of slow charging is really poor with larger power, and most customers choose better experience 80% charging in 1 hour, fully charged in 1.5 hours.

② The inverter integrates solar modules, and the design of allinone makes it more convenient and lower cost for system integrators.

③UPS function: One of the standard functions of fast charging is to realize UPS function (uninterruptible power supply) while charging. Our indicators are better than other manufacturers.

④ Original AC parallel connection: 1200w and above high power, we have AC parallel function.1692417184749

At the exhibition, the staff of HAISOT gave each customer the most detailed product explanation with full enthusiasm and rigorous attitude, so that customers can have a better understanding of HAISOT's inverter technology and R&D strength, and also for Lay a solid foundation for future cooperation.


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