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2400W 120V Solar Inverter with MPPT for Portable Power System

Product Features
Product performance description:
 High integration: ALL IN ONE integrates inverter, mains ultra-fast charging, parallel operation, and DC charging functions on one board;
 Intelligent charging: The DC charging port can adapt to car charging and photovoltaic charging, and can be combined with mains fast charging to reasonably output charging power;
 Load adaptive: can intelligently identify large impact loads and large resistive loads that exceed the rated power, and convert to constant power output;
 Grid frequency adaptation: The inverter output voltage can adapt to the grid 50Hz or 60Hz, intelligent output 50/60Hz;
 UPS: The switching time between mains and battery is less than 10ms, which can adapt to IT type power loads;
  • HS-X2400W-120V-1



Product Description

2400W 120V solar Inverter with MPPT for Portable Power System


The inverter is just the opposite, so it is called an inverter. Now is a mobile world, mobile devices are everywhere, whether it is leisure and entertainment, manufacturing, or industry. Because of the mobile state, people will need a device to convert the power provided by the battery box into 220V AC power, which allows us to use the electrical equipment we need anytime and anywhere. Inverters can meet the current needs of this mobile world. need.

However, one thing to note when using an inverter is that it also requires some power when it works, so it also consumes a part of the power, so its input power is larger than its output power. The power of the inverter is the ratio of the inverter output power and the driving power.

Established in 2017, Hisolar has nearly 100 patents and is a high-tech enterprise in Xiamen and a national high-tech enterprise. Focusing on the new energy track, determined to become a model of light storage inverter supplier in PPS and HESS industry.

Hisolar has always insisted on customer-centered and long-term persistent hard work. The core values of continuous search for innovation and the pursuit of excellence, and the design concept of industrial-grade highly reliable uninterruptible power supply into the product design and program innovation. Started strategic cooperation with many listed companies at domestic and international to provide customers with excellent performance, safe and reliable energy storage products and solutions. Accomplishing every customer is our pride and long-term unremitting pursuit.


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