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1500W solar power inverter DC to AC for home use

2 phase inverter off grid battery inverter 1500W solar inverter power inverter DC to AC with mppt for home use
  • CS-1500W-1



Product Description

solar power inverter

This is a multifunctional photovoltaic charging inverter off-grid power supply, which has the function of photovoltaic charging the battery

The DC voltage of the battery is converted into an AC output. The voltage of the lead-acid battery or lithium battery corresponding to the power supply is 24VDC, and the inverter rated output

The power is 1500W, and the maximum power of photovoltaic charging is 800W.


  • High frequency digital control

  • Pure sine wave inverter

  • Built-in photovoltaic charge controller

  • LCD display, the working status is clear at a glance

  • Intelligent fan control, reduce noise pollution, improve machine life

  • Photovoltaic incoming power self-starting function can activate the battery from the undervoltage protection state

Product description

3.2.1 Schematic diagram of input/output interface

inverter AC output

① Battery input positive pole

② Battery input negative pole

③ AC output socket

④ AC output socket

⑤ Photovoltaic plate input positive pole

⑥ Photovoltaic plate input negative pole


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